Stapleton Tench Eachus (far right, middle row) was born in 1889 and was educated at St. Austins school in Stafford.

After leaving school he joined the Post Office and worked there until 1910, when he joined the Warwickshire Yeomanary.

He fought in Egypt with the Warwickshires, before transferring to the Royal Engineers, where he joined the Royal Engineers Signals Corp.

A unit that was at the time very much in its infancy.

In 1916 Stapleton was sent to France and over the course of the next three years (in over 160,000 words),

Stapleton wrote a total of 15 war diaries about his adventures.

His diaries are a fascinating insight into another side of the Great War.

Through his poetic, romantic and vivid descriptions of all the sights and events around him the diaries

provide a unique and historical document of a his life, loves and heartache over this period.

The diaries include many amusing and interesting adventures in France and then in Post War Occupied Germany.

Also included is a great deal of first hand information acquired and documented, whilst he was working in the Signals office.


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